How to fix a leaking fuel line connector

It consists of a hose connected from the tank to the distribution point which can be an injector, a pump or a carburettor all dependant on the model of your car.

The common issues with car fuel lines are either blockages or leaks. Cars with fuel injectors require high pressure, so in this instance, a high-pressure line with a leak will spray fuel leasing to a fuel odour in the vehicle. A blocked fuel line will not allow the car to run, and a standard leak will cause running issues.

Take heed that a ruptured fuel line must be replaced in full. A blocked one can be reused if the blockage is cleared, but you will need to find the source of the blockage which is usually found in the fuel tank to hose connector.

The most common symptoms of a Leak are when the car either uses more fuel than expected, or there is a strong odor.

Now let’s take a look at how to diagnose a leaking fuel line.

Finding the leak

Replacing the Fuel Line

Note: I do suggest that you do this work on an empty tank.